Lezing Ingrid Daubechies

maa 01 mar 2010, 16:00
"Academieraadzaal" (Aula van UGent), Voldersstraat 9, 9000 Gent

Spreker: Prof. Ingrid  Daubechies (Princeton University)
Titel:  "Mathematics meets Fine Arts: analyzing paintings with image processing tools".

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Prof. Daubechies, one of the leading computational mathematicians today, is best known for her work on wavelets and development of orthogonal wavelet families called Daubechies wavelets as well as biorthogonal CDF wavelets, which are widely used in compression (e.g. JPEG standard). She made great contributions to mathematics, science and engineering, including signal and image processing and time frequency analysis. She has received numerous awards in mathematics and physics and is currently a full professor at the Mathematics Department of Princeton University.